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5 Reasons why you should get involved!

It improves the development of your childs tennis When your child plays competition they are playing tennis more often and having the opportunity to practice what they are being taught in their tennis lessons more often. This will lead to further improvements in their tennis!

  • Helps the kids become accountable to their learning When playing competition your child has the opportunity to play without a coach on court, they will start to understand what they need to improve on or learn. When they bring that information to their coach they can spend more time practicing the specific needs of the child – this helps the child feel like they are in control of their development and want to practice more.

  • You get to compete with your friends in a social environment You can enter in a team of players that you already practice with in your lessons. This makes the entry into a new competition much easier and allows your child to have fun with their friends.

  • Make new friends and have fun while being active! Stay active on the weekend and play the sport you love while meeting new kids to play tennis with from other clubs or possibly play with in your own team.

  • Creates new tennis goals for your child Once your child has completed the My Vida Journey Program it gives them a new goal or target to try and achieve, with many sections in junior competition and the possibility of Senior Competition one day there is plenty to strive and continuing practicing for.

What’s your role as a parent?

Once you are registered in a team we encourage you to come and watch and support your child but also allow them the opportunity to learn on the court for themselves. No matter whether they have a win or a loss it is about them learning and enjoying themselves.

At some clubs, the parent will be required to be a team manager or match day supervisor. These requirements are not a major role, and a great way to stay involved with your child’s competition experience.

Want to get involved in a team?

If you think your child is ready for Junior Competition contact your local Head Coach and they can let you know what your options are. All Vida venues offer junior competition in their local associations.

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