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Great News For Tennis

Community Announcement

Tennis Central wishes to share with you the exciting and very positive news that they have expanded to join forces with Optimum Tennis Academy in 2018.

Optimum Tennis Academy are now the provider for Palm Beach Currumbin State High School and will be developing and expending both the Tennis Excellence Program and the before and after school program.

PBC's Tennis Program will be headed by our Elite Coach Terry Saunders. Terry will not be lost to Tennis on 11th as he will still oversee the quality and direction of Tennis on 11th's coaching program.

It is the vision of Tennis Central to combine with Optimum Tennis Academy to provide a pathway especially for our older or more advacned players to train at PBC in 2018 and onwards.

Both facilities aim to provide a playing and coaching program that will benefit the long term development of all of our members.

For further information please email .

Kind Regards

Sonia Close

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